Melina Gerges Bradley – Advisor

Melina Gerges Bradley – Advisor

Melina Gerges Bradley is one of those special people who makes you a better person just by knowing her. A multi-talented singer and songwriter, she had the courage to radically reinvent her music career. Formally trained in classical Italian opera, today Melina’s haunting voice and award-winning lyrics blend American pop with a sophisticated Euro dance beat.

It is that same kinetic energy she tirelessly brings to her work with the Texas Children’s Hospital’s “Heal Sick Children” program, and other causes she supports.

“Children, Veterans and Indie Artists who ‘give back’ are three causes that are very dear to my heart. Giving back is a family affair. My husband and I are always looking for opportunities to give back to the charities we love. Now that we are new parents… this becomes even more important. It is our desire to teach our own child the rewards and the necessity of helping without being asked.”

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In addition to being our founding Secretary and Treasurer, Melina gleefully volunteered to advise other artists with whom we collaborate in this vital mission.

“The veterans and those who serve our country deserve more than being left homeless with no skills, forgotten and broken. We owe them more. I joined Mats for Pats because it helps me use my meager talent to give back to the community that we are from, and my music and my time are the biggest commodities I have to give. I joined the Advisory Board because I know that it is easy for me to help other artists also rise to the occasion. I joined the board of Directors to maximize how much I can give back — and it makes my husband very proud. He is serving his sixth year in the US Coast Guard, and comes from a long line of service men and women. Among them, his father, brother, grandfather, grandmother, great uncles, cousins, and great grand father. Our family has served in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.”

Please visit her website to learn more Melina Gerges Bradley.

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