Ken Main – Founder

Executive Director

Ken Main – Founder

Ken Main has enjoyed a 40+ year career as a radio and TV broadcaster, journalist and talk host. Seven of those years were spent with CNN in Atlanta and New York as a news anchor and writer, senior copy editor and producer. In 2006 he founded Penguin Pods Inc., a digital media production and consulting business in Portland, Maine.

He is a veteran of the Vietnam Era, serving with an Army Ordinance, training & support company in Germany from 1966-’68. His father was a World War II Navy veteran in the submarine service, and his uncle served in the Army during WWII.

Ken started Voices United for Veterans in April of 2011 out of a personal experience and strong distaste for how many of our men and women who served their country are treated upon returning home with psychological and emotional scars.

“Homelessness, and a primary contributing factor, mental illness, have touched my immediate family. And I guess I’d always known that some percentage of those who live on the streets are fellow vets. But it wasn’t until I began to see those numbers grow, while every week watching Congress axe funding for programs vital to helping our heroes, that it became clear to me what needed to be done. Hundreds of nonprofit service organizations across the country do amazing work every day with every aspect of the homeless Veteran crisis. Everything from transitional housing and counseling to job and career training and opening avenues to higher education. They help restore dignity and assist Veterans in taking back their lives — even as the dollars dry up. So I said to myself, that’s our mission. We raise money to support these programs.”

But how to do that?

I’ve been lucky, since returning from military service, to have spent my entire life in show biz. I’ve been on stage, and on radio and TV. Along the way I’ve worked with many very talented music artists, actors, broadcasters, news anchors, talk hosts and writers. A number of them with big hearts and endless energy for worthy causes. Influential VOICES for change. And there it was. We entertain the masses and raise money while raising public awareness about the problem, and those working to solve it. President Obama came into office with a five-year plan to end Veteran homelessness. We want to be part of achieving that goal and happily end our mission.”

Every step of the way, Ken has had the love, support and counsel of his best friend Penny – and the unflinching adoration of their cats, Miri and Tiggy. 🙂 Add the bonus of serving with an incredible group of Directors, while living and working in beautiful Portland, and it’s impossible to envision any other outcome than success for this mission.

To learn more about Ken Main please visit the Penguin Pods website.

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