Let's get acquainted

General questions

WHO are Voices United for Veterans?

We are a veterans helping veterans. Our founder, the son of a WWII Navy vet, served in the Army during the Vietnam Era. Those on our advisory Board are veterans, related to vets, or have close ties to vets. We are committed to helping our less fortunate heroes restore their dignity and reclaim their lives.

WHAT do you do?

We collaborate with caring music artists to raise public awareness and dollars to help end veteran homelessness. By donating to the nonprofit, community service organizations and programs we advocate for, you help continue direct support for vets in need and those at-risk of becoming homeless in all 50 states and Canada.

WHY do you do it?

We believe fervently in helping those who’ve done so much to protect our freedoms and preserve our quality of life. Things most of us often take for granted. America’s military has been all-volunteer for decades. Those who fought in places like Iraq, Afghanistan — and many in Vietnam — chose to serve our country knowing it might put them in harm’s way. We cannot sit by while our brothers and sisters struggle to attain a basic human right and the same quality of life we enjoy.

Donor questions

How does my donation help?

The nonprofit agencies we advocate for work day-to-day with homeless vets on the street and in shelters to secure transitional housing, health care, treatment for substance abuse, psychological and emotional counseling, job and career training, educational assistance and other programs critical to solving the complex issues at the root of homelessness. By donating directly to these groups, you quite literally help our heroes reclaim their lives!

How do you choose which agencies and programs to support?

The organizations we advocate for must be 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charities in good standing, and ones that we, or the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans have identifed as having the most impact on ending veteran homelessness. In addition, artists may ask that proceeds from their own fundraisers be sent to their favorite veterans charity. Our goal is to support those doing the most good with limited resources.

Don’t these organizations receive government funding?

In some cases community service organizations do get federal and/or state funding, but as you may be aware, Congress continues to cut this funding. We advocate for those most in need of support. They have met our standards and more. You can donate to them confidently.