Our Story

Help us write a happy ending

Voices United for Veterans is a Maine-based initiative started in 2011 by a Vietnam era Vet who believes no person ever should be forced to sleep in doorways or under bridges. Most certainly not those who proudly served their military. Many of the *estimated 300,000 North American Veterans who are hungry and cold on any given night went in harm’s way to protect our way of life. The words, hero and homeless, should never be linked!

Through  radio – and the caring voices of music artists with whom we collaborate – we raise awareness to support grassroots programs vital to restoring human dignity, helping heroes resolve the complex issues at the root of homelessness. Non-profit, community service organization across North America work day-to-day with vets in need and those at-risk. With your help they can continue providing key services like transitional housing, psychological counseling, substance abuse programs and other critical pieces to solving a complex problem.

Voices United for Veterans has one goal. To help veterans across the United States and Canada to enjoy a better life. Fractured Atlas helped us begin our work and we thank them. As of January 26, 2014, we no longer solicit nor accept public donations. But our work goes on.

That’s our story. We fully expect to help write a happy ending for the many heroes who are counting on all of us to fight for them the same way they fought for us.

Assist a nonprofit service organization where you live. In Canada, please support VETSCanada,org.

Please give them a fighting chance.

*stats from the National Coaltion of Homeless Veterans